Garage Daniel Lessard

Garage Daniel Lessard inc. is a family business founded in 1982. Located in Notre-Dame-des-Pins in Beauce, our specialty is selling slightly accidented, stolen and found cars all over Canada. Our inventory is composed of nearly 300 vehicles. We have something for all tastes and budgets. Our inventory has compacts, luxury cars, convertibles, recreational vehicles, ATV's, "Pick-up's", 4x4 and much more comes see what we have in store.

If you are looking for slightly damaged a car or truck for sale to save thousands of dollars, why not offer yourself a practically new vehicle at a fraction of the price at Garage Daniel Lessard inc.

All our vehicles are in condition to give you peace of mind when the transaction is closed. If you want to be sure that you are making a good choice, come with your mechanic to check out the vehicle you have chosen, at Garage Daniel Lessard inc., we have nothing to hide. Also, we work with several professional mechanics in order to offer you the best services. You also have the opportunity to exchange your vehicle and the possibility to have your vehicle delivered across Canada.

We are located at less than 3 hours from Montreal via Highway 20 or 40, only 45 minutes south of Quebec's Bridge via Highway 73 south. Come visit our showroom and meet our dynamic team for a personalized service to meet all your needs. New arrivals every day on

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Our pre-owned makes

Garage Daniel Lessard, pre-owned vehicles dealer of Notre-Dame-des-Pins presents his full pre-owned vehicles inventory. Pre-owned vehicles listed among this inventory are in mint condition. They went through a series of tests and checks before being included.

You can also easily search for the model, the type or the specified brand of your future pre-owned vehicle through our search filter. Also use the progressive or regressive display tool, according to the criteria of your choice, for example the price, so you assess your situation faster compared to your budget.

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